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7 September 2018
Rīga, Latvia
Riga Food 2018 – Brokerage event

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Riga Food 2018 – Brokerage event

7 September, 2018 in Riga Latvia

The Riga Food Brokerage provides an international, technological scenario for companies interested in finding out about the latest European creations in food technology and in holding bilateral meetings aimed at reaching cooperative agreements on technology transfer and product sale.The Riga Food Brokerage will be held in conjunction with the International Exhibition Riga Food 2018.

A few figures about exhibition

The biggest in the Baltics, food industry fair “Riga Food” yearly outlines the trends of the food industry development, highlights novelties and presents a number of serious and trustable enterprises. Everybody is welcome to Kipsala International Exhibition Centre to draw inspiration from diversity of menu ideas, to taste new products, to watch and enjoy professional chef, pastry cook and bartender competitions. Participants – 500 companies from 35 countries, 13 national collective stands. Visitors – gourmets and food specialists from the whole world. 

Who should attend the brokerage event? 

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises, offering or requesting new products and technologies.
  • Researchers/developers of innovative food technologies.
  • Opportunities for labour market in food industry.

When and where?

Riga Food 2018 - brokerage event will be held as a part of the international food exhibition Riga Food, in Riga, Latvia at International Exhibition Company BT 1 (Ķīpsalas 8, Riga) on 7th of September, 2018 from 11.00 - 16.00. 

What to do?

We ask you to register on this site by clicking the Register link on the upper right hand corner. You will then be asked to submit your contact information. Next, you need to tick the box for the matching sessions you will attend. After that, you will be able to submit up to 5 products or/and technology profiles that you want to promote in Riga Food Brokerage Event.


Closed since 5 September 2018


Ķīpsalas iela 8
1048 Rīga, Latvia

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Participants 66
Meetings 65


Belgium 2
Bulgaria 1
Canada 1
Estonia 3
Georgia 4
Israel 2
Italy 1
Latvia 35
Lithuania 9
Palestine 1
Poland 1
Portugal 1
Russia 4
Ukraine 2
United States 2
Total 69